An exercise in designing with empathy



Millennial parents are often performing a balancing act. In a Pew Research Center survey, 56% of working moms and 50% of working dads say they find it very or somewhat difficult to balance these responsibilities.

They all want the same thing: more time. How can we use technology in ways to enhance the family life and bring back the balance to parents’ lives.


Asking the right questions and using the appropriate research tools


User pain-point: Nicole is a single mother who is very busy. She wants to spend her free time wisely. It’s important for her to have a healthy social life. 

A possible solution: An app for parents that allows them to find events near them. The app includes a calendar, mobile pay options, and other features that make planning faster and easier.


• Persona:

Personas help keep the design about the user. It informs the design and takes the ego out of the design. Asking questions with the user in mind helps us solve their problems.

Key Findings:
• Nicole uses mobile for 90% of her online transactions
• It is important for her to have a balanced social life
• Nicole has a hard time finding relevant events nearby
• She is motivated by wanting the best for herself and her family


• User Flow:

The user flow helps me visualize Nicole's journey through the app. It helps to make a map of pages and how each page will link.


Brainstorming and initial sketches


Final prototype